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Block CVC in DP

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Hi All,

I have a question.

For e.g i have 10 cvc, out of this i want to block 5 cvc from planning(for all KF). That is i should not be able to enter any data for those 5 cvc, kind of deinitialization. Is it possible?



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Answers (3)

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Did any body tried this option, its not working for me. Do ineed to re intialize the POB structure to make it work.



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Hi Santhana,

You can use the 'SDP Relevance' field in the 'Properties' tab in material master and set it to 1. Your CVC will stop appearing in the DP and SNP planning books. You can set it to 2 and it will not appear in DP but will still appear in SNP books.

Hope this helps.

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Hi Sanatha,

You can not block CVC`s. If you dont require that CVC`s then you have delete from the MPOS. But if you delete the CVC`s then data of that CVC`s also delete.

But if you dont want to enter data for those CVC`s then you have remove those cvc`s from your selection ID. So ultemetaly you need not to enter any data in to those CVC`s.