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Behaviour of field: "Adjust Corrected histoty" in DP Forecast profile

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Hi All:

I have KF's

1 Forecast

2 Sales History and

3 Corrected History

--KF's are assigned tcorrectly to PArea and also in the Forecast profile.

--Profile Field "Outlier Correction" is checked as "None"

--Profile Field "Read Correcetd History from PArea" is checked

--Profile Field "Adjust Corrected History is checked"

Planner has updated Corrected History except for two months where it is zero. When Stat Forecast is run I expect that system updates Corrected History for these two months by values in the KF Sales History.

This did not happen.

Any thoughts about what I am missing?

Thanks in advance for any help.


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Answers (2)

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Closing the issue as no further replies received

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Hi Anton,

I guess you have defined the corrected history key figure in the planning area...

Are you using like profile? If yes try to deactivate to see if working better.

(deactivate even if no profile define for this combination)

I heard that this functionality does not work with life cycle planning...

Thanks and Regards


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Hi Julien

Yes, the corrected history KF is defined in the P Area

Also , the Life Cycle Planning was active although not for the products in question. I deactivated the Life Cycle planning indicator in the Forecast Profile but this did not make any difference.

By "deactiving completely" did you mean to suggest any other additional actions?