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BCS: how to achieve period dependent preceding task relationship

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Dear all,

how can I customize a period depentent task relationship?

My case

Task Hierarchy


     Task A

     Task B

     Task C

Task A and C have periodicity (Period cathgory and Cons Frequency) "monthly" (all month 1 - 12)

Task B has perodicity "quarter" (only month 3, 6, 9, 12)

The precding task releationship is customized like this:

Task C

     Task A

     Task B

(so Task C depends on Task A and B)

If I run the monitor e. g. in period 1 Task B is not been displayed (like disired)

But if I try to execute Task C the error message comes up, that the preceeding taks B was not performed

But Task B is not valid for this period!

But in month 3,6,9,12 it should be only possible to execute Task C if A and B are performed successfully

Any ideas to solve this?

Thank you very much


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Hi Klaus,

Instead of maintain preceeding task relataion as Task C --> Task A and Task B.

Can you split into two and try this might be helpful.

Task C --> Task A

Task C --> Task B


Rajesh SVN