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Batch Status Management - Compatible with EWM?

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Hi All,

I'm currently analyzing if batch status management is compatible with EWM. The client wants to restrict all batches of a product from movement with a simple switch. This is exactly what batch status management seems to offer when it is activated (TX: MSC2N) :

The problem however is that after customizing when the switch is flipped from "Unrestricted" to "Batch restr." the system indeed restricts all the batches of a product in ECC but no material document is created and sent to EWM. EWM remains unchanged which means that the product with the batch that is restricted in ECC is still unrestricted in EWM.

Am I missing some customizing or is this feature not yet compatible with EWM?
If further information is required please let me know.

Thanks in advance!

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When you change the batch status from ''Unrestricted to Restricted'' in MSC2N, a posting change movement type 341 is triggered.

To trigger posting change in ERP for 341 movement type, you need to have stock-relevant characteristics in the batch master , then only system automatically changes the batch stock in all connected SAP EWM systems by distributing the batch master data.

The following fields are simultaneously stock attributes:

  • Country of Origin (LOBM_HERKL)
  • Expiration Date (LOBM_VFDAT)
  • Batch Status (LOBM_ZUSTD)

So create a class and assign the characteristics LOBM_ZUSTD in the class. Assign this class in MM01 for your material in classification view.

See my case: S/4 HANA 1709

When I changed the batch status, 341 is posted.

Stock in EWM with Batch Status is updated.

Class: I used class and assign LOBM_VFDAT which is stock relevant characteristics. Test this and confirm back. It should work.

For decentralized versions:

Batch data updates from ERP to EWM occur using CIF. In this case, when stock-relevant characteristics (LOBM_VFDAT, LOBM_HERKL or LOBM_ZUSTD) are changed, the stock in the EWM system is also updated. This is done using the standard implementations of the BAdI /SAPAPO/CBM_INT_CLF that is delivered by SAP. The BAdI implementation using the class /SAPAPO/CL_EX_CBM_INT_CLF updates the batch data and the relevant class data. The BAdI implementation using the the class /SCWM/CL_IM_CBM_INT_CLF updates the stock data in the EWM system.

Fore more details, kindly check SAP note 1305698 - Overview: Communication / integration of batches ERP <> EWM.

Best regards

Shailesh Mishra