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Batch Split in outbound delivery: Settings for item categories (LE) and item types (EWM)

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Hi All,

We are running S/4 HANA 1709 with embedded EWM.

I customized the batch determination for outbound deliveries in LE and get sub-items for the batches. So, everything works fine. When I replicate the outbound delivery to EWM I get all items in the outbound delivery order in EWM. Also this works correctly. But both items are relevant for picking in EWM!

The quantity for picking in LE is (of course) on the sub-item. That means the original main item is now a "dummy" item. Unfortunately, there is only a minor note in saphelp regarding Status Management in EWM. The questions is now how to set correct item categories in LE and item types in EWM. And what I have to do in customization in Addition?

Can you give me a hint (or maybe more) what I have to do?



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If the picking has to happen in EWM, the, ideally we don't want to specify from ECC what batch to pick and also it is not recommended to have batch splits created in ECC. You can define the batch search strategy in VCH1 which gets transmitted to EWM ODO and then picking happens in EWM based on this strategy. The batch information along with the split is communicated from EWM to ECC.