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Batch Derivation - Sender record is sent multiple times and wromg value is chosen


I have a batch derivation set up to copy batch charcteristics from a component on a BOM into the Produced Material. It works in most cases. I have a double trigger on this. It tries to run at process order GR and then again at Use Decision. It was set this way because the business sometimes consumes after GR. 😞

The issue I have is that the mfg plant started Process Order A and Component 1 was consumed. However, the process order was discontinued. The business then created a new process order, but assigned the same batch number. They have to keep the same batch because it is already labeld onthe filled components and can't be changed. Process order B is created. The produced mateiral BOM was changed and component 1 was replaced with 1A. Both 1 and 1a have the same characteristic field and both have sender rules for that characteristic. When the GR or UD is performed the reciever tries to record the sender characteristic. In this situation, the charctristic value for complenent 1 was G12345. The 1a component has the same characteristic set to a value of G12346. The reciever is set to Min, so it chose G12345...but the process order witht the goods receipt used G12346. I wanted that value.

The values are not always goig up or down, so min/max does not work for me. I need the last sender record to be used on the receiver.

I have looked everywhere and con't find a solution. Can someone sugest a path forward?

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