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Batch characteristic value disappear after the change - /SCWM/WM_BATCH_MAINT

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Dear EWM Community,

When I change/SAVE the batch characteristic values in EWM via /SCWM/WM_BATCH_MAINT at client level (Material/batch), those characteristics values disapear. Means that, when I dysplay the material/batch once again those values are "empty ". On the other hand, those values is distributed & correclty updated in ECC (MSC3N).

Additional info :

- I am in a project with ECC and decentralized EWM - version 9.5.

- My batch configuration was activated at client level.

- I followed all standard configuration using ECC class type 023 x EWM class type 230.

ref. SAP notes : 1305698 - Overview: Communication / integration of batches ERP <> EWM

- The batch class and characteristics were transferred to EWM successfully.

- In my process scenario, the batch / characteristic values will be created in EWM via /SCWM/WM_BATCH_MAINT instead of in Inbound delivery (/SCWM/PRDI or in ECC).

Any help, I would really appretiate !


/Flavio Marcilio

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Hi Flavio,

Have you tried CIF’ing the batch master from ERP to EWM system? If not, then Please try to CIF the batch master from ERP system and after CIF’ing check your batch classification values in EWM system. I guess that will solve the issue.

Please check and let us know.



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Hi Giri,

I CIF´ed only class & characteristics, because the batch will be created in EWM. I would like to avoid to CIF batches from ECC to EWM when a new batch is created in EWM, I think it would not make sense, right ?

On the other hand, if I check the batch & values in the ECC side, it was transferred correctly.

I changed via CL24N and it worked fine, means that the values did not disapear, however on this way the value is not transferred to ECC.

Best regards,

/Flavio Marcilio