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Basic Difference between Order Series & Time Series Key Figure

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Hi All,

Wat is the basic difference between Order Series Key Figure & Time Series Key Figure?

Why we are using Order Series Key figure in SNP & Time series Key figure in DP?

Thanks in Advance !


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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in order series keyfigure the data will be saved with referrence to orders and in time series keyfigure the data will be saved without reference to orders.and we have to save the data in SNP based on orders only because it is use ful in sales and operative planning.



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the data is stored in

different ways depending on the application:

u2022 as a number per time period (month, week, day) and key figure

(time series),

u2022 as an order with a category, date and exact time (hour: minute: second) Oorder series

Demand planning uses much of the BW functionality and relies on the info cubes as a data interface to any other system so data can be easily copied from infocube to time series , as it is

same format . Also objective of demand planning is to manage/see demand in different time bucket at differnet aggregation

level for which we dont need order category .

While SNP uses both time series/order series as some applications in SNP & ppds also do category based planning , each of

these order category has been mapped to a corrrsponding field in R/3 . There are different function assigned to each

category type which are part of various algorithm in SNP .There are four

types of categories u2013 stock, receipts, requirements and forecast u2013 which determine

the possibilities of their usage. The mapping of the transferred R/3

orders to the APO categories is maintained within the category itself

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