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Barcode Generation in SAP work manager app

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Hi Experts .

My requirement is to create a barcode when the WO is selected on SAP Agentry (WorkManager app) on iPad .

The Idea is the generated barcode woudl be GS1 barcode that when scanned using a scanner device from the iPad screen will help user to fill the value of WO # on their screen isntead of typing in and out and lead to data error , help with some Tag in tag out.

In order to generate barcode we looked up if Open Ui5 can be used .. Any ideas are welcome..


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SAP Work Manager uses the camera to read bar codes . The Work order tile has bar scanner built in. To generate the bar code when the work order is selected is might be done using the single action select and Open UI to call an external 3rd party bar code reader.

This is customization.


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Thanks Subash.

I understand on the read part of Barcode using camera. But we are particularly facing challenge on generating barcode on WM app using open UI.. Do you have guidance around this or article that depicts such development.



Tagging jason.latko for advise.