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BAPI_QTASRVAPS_SAVEMULTI2 performance not optimal and dropping records

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Hi -

Has anyone experienced the follwoing issue while using BAPI_QTASRVAPS_SAVEMULTI2 ? We are calling this BAPI in a custom program to post quotas in SAP SCM4.1. If we have high volumes of data, the BAPI can not keep up and records are not processed and no error is sent. The record just drops. We have added a wait to the commit statement which helps, only issue is the volume of records to be processed will bog down performance severely. Any thoughts?



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You need to cover the situation when your BAPI has to read mass data. For example, you could specify a limit so that only the first n data records are read. Alternatively your BAPI could return a message to the calling program indicating that the amount of data has exceeded a certain limit and that a new selection should be made.

Minimize the use of read transactions which depend on a previous database COMMIT (committed read). These read transactions have to wait for the COMMIT WORK command of the update transaction to be processed.

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