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BAPI for product allocation Check gATP

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Hi all,

I read in the SAP documentation that we can use gATP on APO to check order item coming from non R/3 OLTP on product allocations.

Is someone test it, which BAPI or BAdi do we use?

Many thanks in advance.

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Following enhancement is available for Product allocation.

Maintain Enhancement Projects for Product Allocation

In this IMG activity, you can edit customer exits for the global availability check.

Product allocations

The enhancement for the initialization is APOQT001 .

The user exits for product allocations are divided into two different call sequences:

Product allocations is the requirements check against the product allocation time series from planning. A complete check is executed for this call sequence.

The enhancements for product allocations are:

APOQT010 copy parameters

APOQT012 product allocations control

APOQT021 product allocations

APOQT022 consumption at beginning situation

APOQT023 order consumption

APOQT032 results control

APOQT033 sequence of product allocation procedures

APOQT007 product allocation assignment of partial deliveries

APOQT018 adjusting field catalog

The comparison adjusts the results of product allocations to the results of the other basic methods. This adjustment is necessary when product allocations is not the last basic method executed.

The enhancements for the comparison are:

APOQT011 copy parameters

APOQT014 product allocations control

APOQT024 consumption

APOQT034 results control

APOQT035 sequence of product allocation procedures

The sequence of the basic methods is configured in the check instructions.

When comparing, the entries in the table for the product allocation assignment and the temporary quantity assignments (delta records) are adjusted to the final results of the ATP check.

If the behavior of product allocations is changed by the user exits, the behavior of the comparison must be adapted accordingly in the corresponding user exits!

Thanks and Regards

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Thanks, for the good explanation.

But I am speaking about enhancement ( we already use some user exit for gATP against product allocation WITH R/3). I'm searching how to check and integrate transactionnal data coming from NON R/3 OLTP systems.

SAP documentation are very light on this subject.

Many thanks in advance.