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Automatic share to SAP Work Zone workspace upon SAP IBP Scenario creation / promotion

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Hi, I understand and tested the built-in possibility to share information about a change made to an SAP IBP planning view to a SAP Work Zone Workspace, either via the SAP IBP Excel Add-In planning view (option is shown in pop-up when saving any change in key figure values).

I also understand and tested the built-in option to, via the SAP IBP Web-Based Planning planning view share any planning view to a SAP Work Zone Workspace (at any time, not necessarily requires a change to be made) which has the enhanced feature that the Work Zone Workspace post will automatically include the URL to the Web-Based Planning planning view.

My question now relates to SAP IBP Scenario creation, and Scenario promotion.
How can we automate either automatical posting to Work Zone upon any of these events being effectuated?
Or, alternatively, how to show an option via a pop-up when creating or promoting a Scenario, in order to share this update with Work Zone?

This question relates to SAP Integrated Business Planning for Supply Chain & SAP Build Work Zone, advanced edition.

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