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Automatic Creation of HU in Inbound Delivery creation in EWM

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I am using the embedded EWM on S/4H 1610.
I have configured the automatic packing in Inbound delivery. However, I don't want to manually click the button 'Automatic pack' in the packing work center.

What I am trying to do now is to perform automatic packing upon inbound delivery creation in EWM. But it seems sap help doesn't instruct further than configuration in the delivery type and packaging specification determination.

So I wonder if this function exists in EWM like it does in ECC.

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Hi Tri,

In SPRO, look for the node called "Define Document Types for Inbound Delivery Process". Look for the document type with category PDI (inbound delivery). There is a checkbox "No Automatic Packing". If the checkbox is not checked, your inbound delivery will be automatically packed upon creation.

Prerequisite is of course that you have working pack specifications for this process. Basically, if now you can trigger manually the automatic packang of your inbound delivery from the work center and it works, all your prerequisites are fulfilled.

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Hi Julio,

Thanks for commenting on this.

I don't check the "No Automatic Packing" checkbox. But the automatic packing is not happening.

Below is the configuration. I am on embedded EWM S/4Hana 1610. All configurations are standard, no customization. They are SAP best practices.

1. Packspec procedure is maintained in the delivery type. The checkbox is not ticked.

2. Packaging specification is maintained and condition recorded is maintained.

Level 2 has "HU creation" tick

hen the delivery is created, there is no message telling anything about automatic packing.

I dont know if there is anything wrong with the action profile or not...

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Product and Topic Expert
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have you tried if a manual packing (by using the button "automatic packing" works?



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Hello Juergen,

In S4 embedded 2020, I am facing similar issue.

HU is not generated automatically when delivery is distributed to EWM.

Manual packing by using the button "Pack automatically" works. These HU are based on pack spec target qty. Detail 1 tab of the HU has pack spec number.

In configuration for inbound delivery, indicator "No Automatic Packing" is not enabled.

Can you please advice what may be missing?