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Automated Realignment for DP

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I have a process chain that loads my Shipping History and Inventory monthly. One of the steps of this process is to realign my products from old to new (and obsoleted). This works fine but each time I run the process chain the records in the realignment table are set the status to processed ("X").

Is there a way to not have these records maked as processed (remain status " ") or a way to reset the status in another process chain step back to " ". I would like them to be applied the next month automatically when the load runs again without someone having to remember to go in and set them back tr "ready".

Any thoughts or comments on how to do this or alternate ways would be great! many thanks!

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The main use of DP here is for aggregation and propagation factors. The forecast is entered at various levels for the final forecast. We use the realignment for our u201CLife Cycleu201D functionality. When we obsolete a product we may continue to sell it for 6 months but want the sales to be reflected in the replacement products demand. So each month when we bring in sales history and inventory we would want the obsolete products to be realigned to the new products. This is the only way I know of to affect the proportional factors since u201CLife Cycleu201D only affects the Statistical forecast. This is why we run the realignment continually.

I am going to investigate how we may be able to use u201CLife Cycleu201D to affect the proportional factors. If I can do this then I would use u201CLife Cycleu201D to perform thisu2026 Until I confirm this we will use the realignment to shift the demand and inventories.

Thanks again for any information or suggestions on this!

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Hi Tim and all,

were you successful in Realignment.

we have a similar situation -

Old Product gets phased out & replaced by other product; both have history

now in this we are trying to use Realignment - copy function to add the values from the Old product to the new product after the forecast run with a certain percentage.

but the problem with the copy function is that , it can only calculate the number of months we define in the "period" but cannot use "copy Factor" for each month.

For eg:

Month 1 - i want to copy 15% of product A to Product B ( Statfcst)

Month 2 - i want to copy 30% of prouct A to Product B (statfcst)

like this for may be 5 or 6 months.

After which i run the phase in profile where it calculates the history from both Product A and B to calculate the Statfcst.

Is there any BADIs avaialble or Have you succeeded in implementing a custom solution?

Hoping to find a solution.



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Hi Tim,

To my knowledge, there is no standard way of resetting the status to "".

You can create a simple program to change the status to "" from "X". The table name is /1APO/R0****, you can find it depending on your POS name and the field is STATE. Remember that this is a generated table. The next time somebody regenerates the realignment table in transaction RLGCOPY, the system generates a new table name.

You can schedule this program in your process chain at the end.

By the way, Realignment is a one time thing you don't repeat the same every time.The reason why we do realignment is that the value for a object like a product is changed in the source and since DP still has old values, we use realignment to update it.

If the product name is already changed in the source, then you get only new product number and no longer the old number. The realignment actually does nothing and in fact fails as the old number is not available in the data coming in or the DP any more...

More over you have to release the data back to R/3 ( the source) and since the source still has old number but DP has new number, the release fails.

I don't understand your business case.

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Hi Tim,

Do you mean using same realignment table entries again and again?

As far as I know it is not possible with standard APO functionality. When ever you run realignment system will mark status"X" for realigned entries.

Realignment logic remains same for entries over the period?

If you wish to reset status back to " " then I believe you need to have custom program which will reset status for select entries.


Harshil Desai