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Auto refresh POD Worklist

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I'd like to use a non-interactive POD as an Infoboard that refreshes it's worklist either in set intervals (ex. every 30 seconds) or after start/complete action is taken in another POD (ex. an activity hooked to a resource or operation)

How could we achieve it?

We're using SAP ME 15.4

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I guess there was no such feature designed specifically for POD Work List plugin. And if so, it looks as if you should rather use an HTML Viewer or Executive Dashboard, which have refresh feature.

As a workaround, in theory, you can push events to a POD via Notification Message Framework or create a custom Work List plugin based on this Framework. See a respective How-To Guide for developers at For the first case with a standard POD, you can try to assign WORKLIST_REFRESH activity to SFC Queue Button ID and to SFC In Work Button ID parameters of the POD that potentially could get triggered when you push a message for the INPUT field. The second case will require custom development with SAPME SDK.