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Auto GR and Backflush posting failures/dumps upon production order confirmation

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Hello Everyone,

We are facing an issue in backflush posting and Auto GR posting upon the confirmation of a production order. We are using a BAPI_PRODORDCONF_CREATE_HDR to do the production order confirmation. BAPI_TRANSACTION_COMMIT is called after the above FM call for technical reasons to do the commit. Here, as per the configuration set up in the system, a backflush (261 mvt) and Auto GR (101 mvt) will be triggered in the background.

Config in the system: Backflush indicator is set at material master level and Auto GR is enabled at control key level of the work center. In OPKC, Backflush and Auto GR is set to immediately online.


When the program comes across the commit statement inside BAPI_TRANSACTION_COMMIT, only 101 posting happens and 261 posting doesn’t happen. And we see a dump for the same in ST22.

A corresponding SM58 entry is also available with the same error.

Analysis done:

  • Since a BAPI is being used for confirmation, even if the setting in OPKC for Auto GR and backflush is set to immediately online, it will still be done via “immediately in update program”. (read from various SCN posts and few SAP notes)
  • When we set only auto GR to “later in background” and backflush to “Immediately online” in OPKC.261 posting happens and 101 entry gets added into AFFW table for later execution by standard program CORUPROC (as a background job). But the above said Dump still happens and gets captured in st22.
  • The same happens for vice versa setting. Auto GR to immediately online and backflush to later in background. And the Dump still happens.
  • The Dump doesn’t happen, only when both 101 and 261 are set to later in background. And the process goes on smoothly. But we will have to run the CORUPROC job frequently.
  • We even tried to debug the FM CO_RV_CONF_PROCESS_BACKGR from SM58 to find out the cause but to no luck. At some point inside multiple commit work statements, we got an update terminated message pop up and a corresponding message type X dump was captured in ST22 and at a later stage, a screen displaying “Test Freshup” showed up

Is there a way to get rid of these Dumps and the test freshup screen that it is trying to throw from the BAPI?

We had a similar configuration set up and with the same BAPI in one more client of ours. Everything seems to be working fine in the other system. Only difference is, the system with issue is in EHP5 version and the one where everything works fine is EHP7 version.

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