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Authorization check using FM /SAPAPO/MCP_PERMISSION_CHECK2

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Hi All,

I have to perform the Authorization check using FM /SAPAPO/MCP_PERMISSION_CHECK2 based on 2 characteristics.

What will be the inputs to the FM. Please tell with an example as in SE37 it is giving permission check parameter as 'X' even if I dont enter any value in the input

Win full points for the answer.

Best Regards,

Chandan Dubey

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Hi Chandan,

If you go through the function module the export parameter e_permission is marked as 'X' in the first line i.e before processing the code. Then it loops at table T_BOBJECTS ( need to pass the Name of Authorization Object). So if u don't have the authorization, then parameter e_permission is modified as space (Which means u don't have the authority). So when u test the function make sure that u pass the corresponding Authorization Object. If you execute just without passing any parameter u always get 'X' for the parameter e_permission. Let me know if you have further queries.

<u>Test Data :</u>

Fill the T_BOBJECTS (I think in your case it's 'C_APO_IOBJ'..... just make sure of it),

i_actvt ,

01 Create or Generate

02 Change

03 Display

06 Delete

16 Execute