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Audit question - Moving Average Unit Cost - How to see more decimals?

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I know that Moving Average cost has more than two decimal places.  You can tell by doing the calculation, but I need to know where to view the additional decimal places.  Can you help?

Tcode MM03 shows Moving average cost at 2 decimals
Table MBEW shows Moving average cost at 2 decimals.
Total Inventory value is shown at 2 decimals.
But Moving average is actually at least 4 decimals
Where can I see the decimals? Is there a table?
Inventory total for a part is 10,093.03
There are 329 on hand.
MAUC is displayed as 30.68
but 30.68 * 329 = 10,093.72
NOT 10,093.03
Auditors don't like the difference ! Not one bit!
Somewhere, MAUC must be displayed with the actual decimals...? 30.6779027
I need to either show Auditors the 4 place decimals, or explain why that is not the case.

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As mentioned in previous responses, the only way to get more detailed moving average price data is to increase the pricing unit.

The moving average price has no bearing on the value of your inventory so you do not need to justify the rounding differences to an auditor.  It is simply the value that will be used to value future goods issue transactions.

If you posted a goods issue for your 329 pieces of inventory I think you are correct and the transaction would be valued at 10,093.72 with a variance account posting for 0.69 (depending on your account determination setup).  That is where the discrepancy is accounted for.  You will not find the additional decimal places you are looking for in the moving average price.

Thank you Robyn. Would you say then that this statement is misleading? The Total Inventory Value = Moving Average Price x Quantity on Hand? Would it be more accurate to say, Moving Average Price = Total Inventory Value / Quantity on Hand?
Adding to reply to Robyn... also of course, then the MAC be displayed as 2 decimals and can be easily explained as rounding. versus the other way around where it is not.
Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi KateL,

Yes, you are correct. The moving average you find is just a calculated value from the total inventory value divided by quantity. The important value is always the total stock.

For this topic, I recommend you check OSS note 518485 - FAQ: Valuation of goods movements - SAP for Me , namely question 4:

The moving average price is the sum of the values posted to the material (material documents, invoices, price changes) divided by the stock.

The other questions may be a good reference for you as well.

I hope it helps.