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ATP Time Series vs DP Time Series vs Order Series

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Hello ,

               Can any one tell me the difference between ATP Time Series , DP Time Series and Order Series .



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Hello Nick,

Time-series and Order-series are two types of data structures in liveCache. Time-series data is used in Demand Planning modules (and also can be added in SNP) while order-series data is used in SNP and PPDS. Fundamentally the struture of time-series and Order-series data is different.

In time-series the data is stored in form of CVC (Characteristic Value Combination) - Time Bucket (from Storage bucket profile) - Value (quantity). Time-series data is used in Demand Planning to generate Statistical Forecasts, Demand Forecasts and so on.

On the other hand Order-series data is stored in form of Master Data combination (typically location product) - Exact Time Stamp (dd:mm:yyyy hh:mm:ss) - value (quantity) - ATP Category. This ATP Category defines the type of Order Series data - whether it is Forecast (FA) or Unrestricted Stock (CC) or receipts like Purchase Requisition (AG) and so on. The transaction data integrated from SAP ERP system to APO (using CIF) is actually in APO as Order-series data. In SNP planning area each keyfigure is associated with a Category Groups which is a collection of ATP Categories. As a result the order-series data pertaining to the orders for corresponding ATP Categories show up aggregated in the keyfigure for the corresponding time buckets (based on the time-stamp on the order-series data).

Please note apart from these two types there is ATP Time Series used only in GATP module of APO:

Hope this helps


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thanks swetha -it was too intriguing inside me whenever i came across time it is very clear from your message wat differentiates time series and order series....nice of you...this apart i wish to know the science behind time buckets  can you please list out where all it is used .i know the twin usage of bucket ;the plastic bucket we use in washroom and the one we use in RES1,in TR30,TR 32 i meant the storage bucket ,time bucket ,resource bucket,planning bucket,bucket resources,all wat i know is bucket means a "period of time " .but what is the correlation amoung all buckets mentioned here ,how they are connected with each other,yet another variant time bucket profile all needs some clarity  .Would you please tell me in layman terms what all these buckets means.the issue is I am an APO generalist and not specialist .i could sense from your answer you are a specialist .please help me understand