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Aprroved manufacturer wise stock report

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Hi gurus,

I need your help in following case for getting Material stock details based on specific vendor/Manufacturer maintained in BOM.

We have following scenario in place before release of process order(in PP)

1. Creation of Production version (C201) along with master recipe and bill of material

2. Creating batch search strategy (COB1) with custom strategy type- here specific approved manufacturer is maintained for RM

Now what issue we are facing while creating process order, system allow us to create PO though COR1/MD04 based on availability check however it does not allow us to release process order if stock any RM of specific manufacturer is not available in plant. this is perfect as per logic define in batch search stretegy.

Now the problem is I don't have any idea about any table from which i can extract report of stock of RM/PM based on my BOM along with specific manufacturer maintained in COB, all together in single report.

Pls guide me

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