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APO Reschedule issue: Limit exceeded

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when i tried to reschedule against one of resource, i already got this error.

Qutoa "

Limit exceeded



Detailed information on this message can be obtained by choosing Details on the right-hand margin of the line belonging to the message.

You may need to reduce the width of the Message Text column.


     Given the complexity of the planning problem, the system could not find

     any scheduling dates within the maximum number of solution steps

     configured internally.

     This can have the following causes:

     o   With the existing load situation on the resources, it is not

         possible (or very difficult) for an operation that consists of

         several activities to find a suitable slot.

     o   There are relationships between activities that have maximum time

         intervals that either cannot be met, or can only be met with great


System Response

     The system does not schedule or reschedule.


end quota

Any one have an idea?


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Answers (1)

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I would check that you are only finite scheduling against one resource in your recipe. I maybe that if you are trying to reschedule the system is trying to find slots on multiple resources.... and can't.

You could try turning on infinite capacity scheduling and analysing the schedule.

Also loading all of the resources in the recipe into the planning board is a useful way to analyse this.

Good luck