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APO product availability overview display (/sapapo/ac03)

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In APO product availability overview display transaction (/sapapo/ac03), we are trying to control the display our users see when evaluating ATP situations.

Specifically, we only want to see "Totals Display" (with no single records being individual batch numbers, storage location specific details, etc.

Even when we go to (/sapapo/ac03) and select "Total Records", we still see single record details at bottom of screen. We have tried controlling administrator settings (ie where you can hide certain columns) but there doesn't seem to be anything standard where we can only show total records.

Does anyone know where we can control this? Thank you

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J Gill,

Let me start by saying I don't know to accomplish what you think you want.  If you insist you need such a solution, you can stop reading my post.

One of the reasons I don't know how to accomplish this task is that I have never been asked to do so.  Actually, I can't imagine why anyone would want this.  You basically make the screen useless when you don't display the lower sections (there are typically multiple sections below the 'plant' section.  When SAP checks availability, it checks at the plant level, it (usually) checks at the Storage location level, it usually checks at the Batch level, and finally it usually checks at the storage location/Batch level.  The final ATP quantity is the LOWEST of all the checks.  If you can't see all of the checks, then you can never know the basis upon which the actual availability was calculated.

Best Regards,


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Thanks DB49 for the reply.

I appreciate your points, explanation and questions. Just to provide some more context...our gATP checks are done at the APO location level not storage location level or batch specific level. Thus the objective is to show the cumulative ATP qty to planners and CSR's at a TOTAL records level simplifying the presentation of the ATP situation to the user. From a business process standpoint (in our case), we do not feel there is value in showing the individual batch level or document level information when user is trying to assess how much cumulative ATP they have on X date.

Our understanding is SAP created the display options"Total Records" vs "Single Records" for a reason in that there were cases where the detailed document level display was not desired thus Total records presents that summary level information first then the detailed single records were displayed.

The only question was the ability to only display Total records when the Total records option was selected. If details are required, then single records could be used.

Thanks again for your response.