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APO Planning Cheak

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Hello Gurus,

While carring out SNP Planing run it will check for the availability of the material,capacity available for planning, I had a query about how the system fetches the data from system and at what locations it will look for the check e.g. whethet it will cheak for Pur.Req.,open POS, storage locations or some other sequence? How can i find the where system searces for the data?

Thank You in Advance..

Amol Chavan

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Amol.

On a very basic level, out of the box, if I include master data for product/location, resource, PPM or PDS in the model it will consider all of the order types you mention in the SNP heuristic run assoicated with this master data.

However, If I were to use the CTM or Optimiser, I can be a lot more selective as to what is considered in the planning run. For example in the CTM profile I can define not only the master data to be considered but also what order types I use to represent demand or supply.

Beyond that, for the SNP heuristic, I could start playing around with the standard order categories to influence what is included, but I would recommend that this is avoided unless absolutely necessary.

Hope this helps.


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Hello M,

We are using SNP optimizer and as you mentioned about selections cosideration during planning run, Can you tell me from which T0code or IMG path i can define the same. My Basic question is how material availability cheak through system is carried out during SNP optimizer Run..



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