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APO Implementation

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We have R/3 4.6C which we are going to upgrade to ECC6.0. Parallel, we are planning to implement APO. I've the following question:

1) Can we install APO and Live Cache together?

2) How is the peformance of APO and Live Cache in Windows MS SQL 2005?

3) What is the minumin memory required for Live Cache?

4) Do we need 3 system landscape (DEV, QAS and PRD)?

I know for R/3 we need to perform the transports. But I need to know for APO

Kindly advice.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Yuva,

I assume you mean you are thinking about installing APO App's and LiveCache on the same server. This is generally not recommended unless you have a very small load.

Performance of APO and LiveCache is affected by an almost unlimited number of factors. You generally must first decide what your APO business requirements are, and then you can determine the 'horsepower' you will need to support it. To give yourself an idea of how to make the decisions necessary, you can review the SAP Quicksizer tool ( This tool will generate some performance numbers that you then give to your hardware vendor. Your hardware vendor will tell you what kind of muscle you need. If you then compare the SAP/hardware recommendation with your existing hardware, then that will determine your performance.

In my opinion you should ALWAYS have a Dev, Quality, and Production system for any business software. This includes APO.

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