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APO- Heursitics- R/3 MRP run

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Hi Guys,

Basically i am not expert in APO, can any one give me exact difference between Heuristic run in APO and MRP in R/3

Also just to confirm with is deployment in APO is transfer of requirements from apo to R/3 like planned order

or my guess is totally Wrong

Thanks in advance


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Heuristic in APO is a broader set of algorithms for doing production planing and scheduling in APO. There is at least couple of Heuristics SAP_MRP_001/002 which logic wise is the same as MRP Run in R/3. Likewise SAP_PP_002 does basic planning for standard lots much like R/3 MRP run.

However there are many more logic possible with heuristics in APO for production planning and scheduling which can be viewed in SPRO >> APO >> Scupply Chain Planning >> PPDS >> Heuristics >> Maintain Heuristics

The second part about deployment - the statement is bit ambiguous. Deployement is a functionality of Supply Network Planning module in APO. Requirements (PIRs) from APO can be sent to R/3 directly from Demand Planning module.

But if you do planning in APO-PPDS (Production Planning Detailed Scheduling) then against the requirements, receipt elements - Planned Order (for in-house produced products) or Purchase Requisition (for externally procured products) are generated. These can be immediately transferred from APO to R/3 or can be transferred only after conversion to firm orders i.e. Production /Process Order and Purchase Orders respectively. This is controlled in the PPDS Global Paramaters.

Hope this helps.



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