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APO-DP - Skip a fixed cell during macro execution

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Hi - I am looking for a solution that will allow DP Macro step to skip a cell (avoid it being overwritten) if the cell is fixed by user. I was searching for an IF statement that says  IF The Cell is not fixed then only perform the macro calculation else skip that cell. I could not find exact syntax in APO help.

Any help or alternative suggestions will be appreciated.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Anir,

You can use the macro function IS_FIXED (and IS_PARTLY_FIXED) to check whether a cell is fixed or not. It returns 1 for a fixed cell.



IS_FIXED( Key Figure )

Key Figure: Row element, column element, or cell element (data source = row attributes)

The IS_FIXED function returns the value 1 if the cell is completely fixed. (The column results from the current step iteration; the row is determined by the Key Figure parameter.) If the cell is not fixed or is partially fixed, the return value is 0. The function is not available if the compatibility mode is activated for the macro book.



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Thanks Rajesh. The screen shot was very helpful. Even though your documentation mentions it, it took me few extra minutes to figure out that the data source for the row to be checked for fixing should say Z (Row Attribute) instead of value. Once I did that the Macro was working exactly as desired.

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