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while am trying to upload from flat file to cube the data i.e master data has shown in the cube, but not transactional data.

am checking totally where is the problem occured but i cant find this issue.

plz tell me whre is the control field to upload master data and transactional data to cubd.

if anybody telling this issue,

am very appreciate.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Kumar,

I think while creating Data Source,you have selected Data Source for Master Data Only.

But can u explain me with one example & Process steps? So may i will help you to solve problem.



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hi, sujay

am telling the step by step

first am creating the cube in that am seleting the masterdata(9alocno,9amatnr,9aversion).

and transactional data(9avhistory),

time characteristic(0calmonth)

after creating the cube, am creating the infosource , once enter the system shows the which data source am selecting the flat file.

after that am maintaining transfer stuctures as well as communication sturcture.

(note: the flat file sturcture similar to communication sturc. am maintained)

after that am creating the info pack and save it.

in cube am creating the update rules here am activating the keyfigures and master data.

then in the infopack am selecting the file and sheduling it. this is wat am done.

plz give me respone

i appreciate


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Hi kumar,

Try following steps


Process steps for data Flow process of extracting data from Flat file.

1.Prepare Excel file(CSV format). In that you enter your info objects as u said.

2.Double click on data Source from modelling & Chose Source system for Flat file.

3.Create Application Component.

4 create Data Source ( choose Transactinal data source),in that in Extraction Tab , you suppose to enter path of flat file,then Select data format CSVFLCONV(CSV Format) then enter comma in Data seperator & Escape sign ".

5.Then go to Proposal & press load example data field so that in field you will get automatically all Info objects.Then in field you enter all tech name( say 9amatnr,9alocno etc) of info objects under Info objects template coloumn & activate it.After activation you will find all the excel data in preview Tab.* Note that your excel file should not open on desktop.

6.right click on activated data Source & Create Info package & give same path in Extraction tab.

8.Double clikc on Info sources from Modelling which is located at left hand side.

9.Right Click on Application Component & Create Info Source

11.While creating Info Source system genrate one Pop up in that you shoud enter Info Source Name & description & in copy from Field you suppose to select Data Source which you have created earlier.

12.then Copy all the info object from Data Source & paste it in to Info Source or by pressing info object pushbuttton you can select all the info object automatically one by one.Activate the info source.

13.Right Click on Infosource & Create transformation for Data Source & info Source in that your source system is Data Source & target System is Info Source.Activate the Transformation.

14.Double clikc on Info Provider from modelling& Create Info Area.

15.Right Click on Info Area & create Info Cube.

16.In Dimension1 you suppose the all characteristcs which is avilable in info Source,same way you suppose to enter all key figure & Time characteristics.for doing this you right click on Diemension 1 & select direct Input,so that you can enter Characteristics in that.

17.Activate Info Cube.

18 Right click on Info Cube & Create transformation for Info Cube & Info Source.In that your Source should be Info Source & target shoud be Info Cube.

19.Then double clikc on Data transfer process which will come after successful activation of Trasformation between info cube & info source.

20Cretae Data Transfer Process.

21.After succesfull creation of Data Flow process,double click on Info Package & go to scheduling & execute.

22.Right click on Data Source & go to Manage.You will find the request in green or Yellow status.If yellow status is there,then select that request & press refresh,after some time this convert in to Green.

23.Then double click on Data Transfre process & go to last tab i.e execute & execute.

24.after that you have right click on Info Cube & got manage,you wil find reuest in green Status or yellow status,press refresh until reuest should be coverted in green status.

25.Select that request & go to content

26.Execute the transaction,you will find the data.

Hope so above steps will help you to crete Data Flow process & see the data in to info Cube.



Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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i really thanks sujay

i got the data into cube.

and one more question?

why we are using the background jobs. could u tell me the reason and one more could u give me any links so that i can go through of that.

2. could u have any cbf (charactaristic based forcasting)step by step document

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There are several processes in Demand Planning and other applications that often run as background jobs. This can be due to the size of the jobs and the time they take or the routine nature of the task. To improve the performance of such background jobs it is often advisable to run these jobs in several parallel processes.

By using parallel processing you no longer have to split jobs into smaller units, for example when loading data from an infoCube into a planning area, you can use selections with much more characteristic value combinations or even upload the whole infoCube in one job.

There is lot of process which we can run in background.For that we have set some PRofile & with that profile we can scedule the jobs time to time.So manuall intruption for Background process is minimal.