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Analytical charts are missing in Dashboard app in IBP

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Hi IBP experts,

I am not getting any charts when i tried to add analytics for my planning area (ZIBP1) in "DASHBOARD" app but i can see so many analytical charts when i used Planning area "UNIPA". Kindly let me know if i am missing anything for my planning area. Thanks in advance

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Answers (2)

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The analytics chart will be available in Dashboard if you have enabled it, Could you please cross-check the summary of the Analytics overview - Column -On-Dashboard - It should be entries there ( as per Dashboard No)

  • Click on it ---> Dashboard will Open.
  • If records are available then show the Graph Otherwise it will be blank.

Still have any issues please let us know


Rajesh Tiwari

Active Participant
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Please consider that

  • only charts that haven't been added to the Dashboard will be seen there in the selection window.
  • however, I suspect it depends on your selection of the planning area (I see it is ZIBP1) in the dashboard. So please check that in the Analytics Details (tab "Basic") the charts have Planning Area ZIBP1 selected. If not, create a new chart and associate it to that Planning Area. Now verify if you can add this chart via the Dashboard.
  • otherwise maybe check if the charts (if you are not their owner) are shared with you.