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Additional Reference document Category in PRDI

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When the ECC inbound delivery is distributed to EWM, certain fields like ASN, ERP numbers are displayed in the "Reference Document" tab under the refdoccat = ERP or ASN. Similarly if enter Bill of Lading in VL31N, in EWM it reflects under Refdoccat="BOL".

If I require some additional standard fields in VL31N, example, Invoice number, to reflect under EWM Refdoccat under a custom category called "INV", how can I configure this in EWM.

Also I have noticed system profile /SCWM/INB_PRD mapped to document type INB/PDI. How can this be used to create a custom profile.


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Hello Karthik,

You can create your own Reference Document Profile at below location. Then, Assign it to your Inbound Delivery Document Type.

While creating new profile, I would suggest you to copy from Standard profile, then, enhance as per your need.

The Mapping Logic for these additional reference documents need to be written in Delivery SaveReplica Funcation Module.