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Adding non working days for a division of a plant to factory calender

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Hi, our plant is divided into two parts, let's say part A (production) and part B (distribution). The factory calender has a holiday calender attached which defines the holidays for the whole plant. I need to add some non-working days that only have to be taken into account for part A and not B. I can't add a new holiday because that is for the whole plant. I can't divide the plant into two plants either. I tried to find answers in the planning calender but found none. Can anyone explain how to do this or if it is even feasable?

Many thanks!


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


Dear Tom,

if you integrate a Plant from ECC to SCM, the same External Location Number can include several location types.

It means you can integrate a Plant and a Distribution Center, that are the same object in ERP and then you split the location at APO Location level to 1001 and 1002 types, where the ''internal'' location number must be unique, so you must generate prefix names like DC_LOC1 and PL_LOC1.

So /SAPAPO/LOCMAP table can then refer both locations to the same external location number, the ERP Plant / DC, whereas at /SAPAPO/LOC table level, you have both locations with a unique number.

To these different locations, you can have different calendars.

Is this taking you forward?

Best Regards


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Hi Gergely,

thank you for your answer.

What you propose is new to me, I will investigate.



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