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Adding Attachments to Event Messages via EM OData Service

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Adding attachments to event messages is easy when directly using the function module BAPI_EH_ADDEVENTMSG_02 or the EM Web Interface as described in [1]. I also implemented this for an app a while ago [2].

However, for a UI5 app I'd like to use the EM OData service. But it doesn't seem to support file attachments, what is the way to go?

  • Just attach a link to the actual file via EM parameters as suggested by in [3]
  • Enhance the EM OData service methods beyond standard customizing via SPRO (where do I start?)
  • Create a second OData service based on BAPI_EH_ADDEVENTMSG_02

[1] Adding Attachments to Event Messages - Event - SAP Library

Thanks in advance for any suggestions on this.



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Hi Jan,

the best approach should be the one from Zenon.

You could also try with an ABAP Enhancement to adapt the standard Odata methods. But i think this will only work if you at least overwrite the standard methods for Event Message Sending.

Best regards,


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Hi Jan.

Also having fun with attachments and Odata? Join the queue 😉

My problem is that a truck driver delivers 100 parcels per day. He is going to use a UI5 app based on the WEBUI5 template mentioned in the Wizardry guides (by Robert Kinda).

Sometimes the consignee (customer) is not home and has requested for the parcel to be left outside the door.  The Driver takes a photo to prove that the parcel was left outside the door!  How to attach the photo to the POD message? 

Maybe the app could send the (small file) photo to a document server? We might need a new OData service to do this (over to my OData developer guru!).  In Event Message pre-processing we could then attach the photo to the POD. How to ensure the photo is available? Hmm.  Alternatively we could simply add a url to the event message that points to the photo's location.

When the photo is uploaded, how will the Customer Relations people view it?  Should they log into the standard EM Web UI or should I send it to their CRM system or something else?

As you can see, I'm still in the decision making process.  I still need to discuss/approve the design with the various business and technical teams.  But hopefully we will have something live soon.