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Adding a new Navigational Attribute in DP

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Hello Experts,

Can you please guide me the steps for adding a new Navigational Attribute from scratch in Demand planning. The new Z Navigational attribute is a field used in Material Master in ECC & it would be updated by Z program in SCM (those changes are know).

We need new Nav. Attribute to be seen in all cubes, planning book shuffler & in MC62 display screen. Right now we see all Nav. Attributes in all three places as mentioned above.

Please help me in details, what steps are to be followed.


Rahul Chitte

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Rahul,

It may help you.

I would agree with you that the CVC display list in MC62 is not very user friendly even though it looks like a normal ALV grid where we can sort, display, etc as per our wish.

There is still a limited possibility to shift the columns. Try this - click on a partilcular column that you want to shift. You would now see the red triangle kind of mark on top of the column header. Press the left key on your mouse, and select the column which you clicked earlier AND ALSO at least one more column to its right or left. Now it should be possible to shift these bunch of columns together to anywhere you wnat by drag and drop. I am on SCM 5.0 and SAPGUI 720 patch level 3. I think the behaviour should be same for other versions as well. Not the best way, but at least you can still do limited shifting of columns. Otherwise, I normally download to excel when I need to do any analysis on CVCs.

For the selector in planning views, Badi /SAPAPO/SDP_SELECTOR is used for the modifications, but I did not find any method which looks relevant for your case. There is a sort table CT_SORT in the method ALV_LIST_LAYOUT_SET, but I think this is relevant to the display of CVCs based on our selection, and not for the dropdown in selector. I have not worked on your kind of requirement. May be someone else could propose some solution.

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