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Add fields to Algorithm /SAPAPO/HEUR_PLAN_SEQUENCE_MAN

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Dear Colleagues,

Under certain circumstances Production Scheduler need to sequence some operations manually so we are using Heuristic SAP003 "Schedule Sequence Manually".

In order to achieve this, it would be very useful (and with real added value to the scheduler task) to have some extra field in the "List of operations" when using the algorithm /SAPAPO/HEUR_PLAN_SEQUENCE_MAN

The field we need to add are stored at Planned Order/Production order level and are relevant for all operations in it. The fields are specific characteristics:

The question: Is there a non ABAP way we can ask the system to add the required fields in to the layout of the "Sequence to be planned" list, so the Production Scheduler can take better decisions?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,

Rubén P.

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Hi Rubén.

Did you resolve this problem??


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For the benefits of the others consultants, please indicate the good or the helpful answer!

Thanks, Marius

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Hi Marius,

I will be running some tests and l will let you know!

Regards, Rubén.



One question here: where do you assign the characteristics to the Scheduling Sequence filters?

I haven't found a customizing path to relate the fields to the Heuristic.

Your comments will be much appreciated



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Hi Ruben,

You could create a Visualization Profile in SPRO - SCM - PPDS - Product Planning Table - Define Visualization Profile.

The characteristics will be available in the selection fields of heuristic Sequence Schedule. So, the planner will be able to perform a automatic sequence characteristics based.

Unfortunately for manually this solution is not possible.

Below you have the explanation of the profile (from SAP Help).

Thanks, Marius   

Define Visualization Profiles

In this IMG activity, you can define the visualization
for the display of the characteristics
in the sequence schedule, in the product planning table, in
the product view and in planned order management. You can also
define visualization profiles for the display of restrictions
in the sequence schedule or in the restriction hit view of the
product planning table to limit the number of restrictions displayed.


For example, you can define a profile for the 10 most important
characteristics and specify a colored background for these characteristics.
These characteristics are then displayed in the permitted applications. In the
sequence schedule, these characteristics are then displayed in additional
columns in the scheduled orders section, for example.


    1. 1. First, enter a description of the profile undeVisualization Profile

    1. 2. Then under Characteritics/Restrictions enter up to 10 characteristics or restrictions. You can define the column number in which the characteritic is to be displayed in the applications and a color for the background.

    1. 3. Under Application define whether the profile is only to be used for a certain application or whether it is to apply to all applications.

    1. 4. If you only want to use the visualization profile for one particular line or one particular line network, then define the iPPE nodes of the line or the line network as well as the application.

Further notes

You can also create visualization profiles directly in the sequence

  • If you want to define a visualization profile for restrictions, you
    can do so in the restrictions chart by accessing the function
    Create Visualization Profile via a function key.
  • If you want to create a visualization profile for characteristics,
    choose Edit --> Create Profile for Characteristics from the menu. In
    this case, the system determines the 10 most frequent characteristics among the
    scheduled orders and automatically creates a visualization profile for these

      If you choose

Edit --> Create Profile for Characteristic -

      , the system determines the 10  most frequently occurring

      characteristics and provides them for selection. You can then select the

      characteristics you require and then choose the

Create Profile


      key. The system then creates a visualization profile for all the characteristics

    you selected.

If you also want to use a profile that was created automatically in other
applications, such as in the product planning table, you have to make the
necessary setting adjustments manually in Customizing.