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ABC/XYZ Calculation Level in SAP APO DP

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Hello Experts,

We are trying to run the ABC/XYZ Analysis at a Product/Location level in SAP APO 7.0 EHP4.

I've maintained PLNLEVEL and ABCLEV at the desired level characteristics (Product and Plant) and the ABC/XYZ Classification profile in the dp_worklist transaction as well.

The classification is running but the results are not as desired, let me explain with a simple example.

The expected results are:

DC1 (largest sales volume) - 5 "A" products

DC2(medium sales volume) - 6 "A" products

DC3 (small sales volume compared to DC1 or DC2) - 5 "A" products

However, the results we're getting is this:

DC1 - 5 A products

DC2- 2 products classified as A

DC3- 0 products classifed as A (all "C")

So, what needs to be changed in the configuration in order to obtain the desired results? as of right now, the products in DC3 are being classified entirely as "C" because compared to other DC's, its sales are inferior magnitude.

Isn't that the essence of the planning level configuration ?? Please advise on a possible solution other than setting a BIIIIIIG process chain that runs isolated location-by-location as this is not advisable to user.


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