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aATP - Need to round the order confirmation to material pack size

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Rounding Profile - Order confirmation to material pack size.

Is there a way to activate the Rounding Profile during the AATP and BOP? 

1. minimum order quantity is 50 ea
2. delivery unit is 1 carton (i.e 50 in a box)
3. stock (mmbe is 65 ea)

 - The rounding profile has been activated.

The order created is for 100 eaches (2 cartons)
but my confirmed quantity is 65 only because of the available stock.

The requirement is to get a Rounding profile activated in such a way that the system rounds down (in my example) off the confirmation to 50 ea or 1 carton as per available stock.

Or, if confirmation is for 65 ea, then the delivery should be as per the Rounding profile, and round down to 50 ea.

Is this possible?

if so, how?

Help would be very much appreciated.

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Rounding profile would round the requested quantity before the ATP check is performed. Hence, what you can do is, in material master sales view, there is a field to set the required Delivery quantity where you maintain 50 and test this scenario.

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Thank you for your time, Lakshmipathi. I cannot use material master as to ship in pack qty requirement is only for specific customers. I do not see this field in Customer Material Info record.