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6OT BOM Management Professional - multiple BOMs

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Implemented the additional module 6OT - Bill of material management professional.

Seems quite an easy app, but doesn't work as expected. It works when editing 1 single BOM, but as soon as multiple BOMs are selected, the system indicates that the change is successful, but nothing changes. CBC setting is set to change 100 BOM at once.

can you assist with this?

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi @Debbie001 


There is a few apps for BOM Mass Maintenance in the scope item 6OT and unfortunately its not mentioned which one you are using  ( Mass update BOM Header , Item add / change )

Are you using Change Numbers?

When using the Mass Update in background does the BOM Changes also not update?

In the app  Monitor Mass Maintenance of Bills of Material , Is there any reason why the BOM update did not occur?

If the issue is reproducible then i would suggest creating a ticket with SAP Support with an example so we can check directly on your system


Best Regards


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Hi @Enda,

I hope I can clarify the situation.

We are using the app "Mass maintenance of bills of materials Items", and we want to change the quantity of a component on multiple BOMs.  In general we are not using Change numbers, but for the occasion, we created a change master, but the results are the same. This is also the case when we try to change in background. The system indicates the change is successful, but does not change anything. 

The app with checked BOMs and how we want to change the quantity:


The succes change message:


However, into the item, quantity is still the old value (1 PC).


Also in the app, mass maintenance bill of material items, no change in quantity.


I hope this clears things up. Hopefully you can indicate where we are going wrong.

Best regards and thanks in advance,