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The planning profile learned a new trick: Based on the feedback of a customer at the customer network meeting we added a small but sometimes important function to the planning profile.

You can now easily define sub-day planning horizons, e.g. a separate one for the morning and afternoon tour. This can become very relevant e.g. when many resources are involved, as in this case not only the optimizer knows better the real otpions, but also the context determination and with that the performance is fine-tuned. As a nice side-effect of the development tehre is now also a nice popup window showing the result of the current planning profile setting.

All features are collected on the screenshot: The new option in the Absolute/Relative time horizon section and the simulation button and popup:

Example: You want a planning horizon 2pm to midnight for the next day, and the job runs at 8pm.

Then you can choose the following setting:

Duration in days: 0 (as the planning horizon is  shorter than a day)

Additional Duration: 8:00h (the actual duration)

Offset direction: Future

Offset in days: 1

Fixed Start time: 14:00 (2pm)

If you do the same for the same day, just leave the offset in days blank.

This is available for TM 9.5 and TM 9.4, note 2557563 introduces the basics and the notes 2586192 and 2581340 are there for some fine-tuning.

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