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This post is about are very special question: What is the source and destination stop for a package item when using the consolidation package building?

Let's start with the specifics of consolidation package building:

Unlike early package building the source and destination of the package is not as clear: A typical scenario contains products to many customers which end up on the same pallet. E.g. there are 20 different items on the pallet to 20 different customers. So, what is the destination of the pallet itself?

The current definition is, that the pallet is on the truck from the source stop of the freight order to the destination stop of the freight order.

The reason behind that is the assumption, that the pallet stays on the truck, also after the last product has been unloaded at a certain stop. Just because I delivered a pack of soda to a little shop and with this the pallet is empty, the pallet is not handed over to the shop owner 🙂

However, we are thinking about adding more options for the future, but the current behavior is very clear and as described before.

Of course, package units which are created in early package building do have a source and destination stop derived from the freight units, the typical scenario here is a pallet delivered completely to the (one) customer and unloaded there.

The following gif visualizes this: The Freight Order starts at location LRD_WSY and ends at BMK_CSY8. Those are the only option to choose for the package created by consolidation package building. Same holds true for package items created manually in the Freight Order.

Example of Freight Order with Consolidation Package

Hopefully this clarifies the current state on this specific question...

PS: When having questions about package building, the new TM Podcast Blackbelt Edition might be interesting to you, currently there is a series about package building posted there, going very deep intot he details