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Rapid-Deployment Solutions help you deploy SAP solutions, faster (with speed, simplicity and agility), and now getting Supply Chain Transportation Management best practices incorporated into your processes is a breeze.

Truck Transportation has been riddled with problems for supply chain managers. Delays, missing data, and crossed-communications have plagued businesses and run up costs, pushed down customer satisfaction, and led to flat sales. There’s room for improvement and SAP has studied the ways world leaders manage their truck transportation—and built that knowledge into a set of best practices.

SAP helps businesses accelerate that set of best practice adoption through the recent release of Truck Transportation for Shippers rapid-deployment solution.

Let’s assume you would like to implement these kinds of improvements and embrace the idea of an SAP solution like this to support your transport management (TM) business.


Where to find detailed SCM and TM information


Of course, you may go to and systematically search the SAP Solution portfolio. Or you scan a variety of forums and blogs operating in the SAP domain on your topic. Another way to pinpoint you to the right SAP Rapid Deployment Solution in the context of your actual business needs - in just a few seconds: SAP Solution Explorer.

This platform helps you to explore the entire SAP portfolio across industries and lines of businesses and tells you, which solutions, capabilities and rapid-deployment solutions are available. Let me quickly show you how easy it is to find any SCM or Transportation Management RDS:
1) Open the SAP Solution Explorer

2) Go to the Value Map for Supply Chain.

The Value Maps consists of simple graphics that show the strategic use of SAP solutions in different industries and lines of businesses. They provide a visual frame to the information related to one solution.  The Supply Chain Value Map looks as in the example below. With transportation management being a logistics topic, you now:


3) Click on the end-to-end solution (blue box) „Transportation Management“.

Here you know find listed all transportation management related solution capabilities, such as „Transportation Requirements Management“ and „Freight Planning and Optimization“. Directly below you find the TM rapid-deployment solutions which support these solution capabilities. For a short profile of this RDS:


4) Simply click on the requested RDS, such as „SAP Truck Transportation for Shippers rapid deployment solution“.


And there you are:


A short overview on what this package can do for you: what it is, how you can benefit from it, what the underlying software requirements are and the implementation service provided with this package: All information, short and precise – at your fingertips.

Alternatively, you can search for “Transportation Management”. Make sure to select result indicated with “E2E Solution for Supply Chain” because this result takes you directly to the correct solution context within the Supply Chain Value Map:


And if you are interested: Engage with your sales agent, client manager, trusted advisor, account executive or manager and ask them to learn more about this rapid-deployment solution to facilitate your project implementation start. Likewise you can state your interest using the Contact Us button in the status bar at the bottom of the Solution Explorer.