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With the recent release of version 9.5 of the SAP Transportation Management and SAP Extended Warehouse Management applications, companies can take advantage of several valuable new software enhancements.

To support integrated supply chain execution and fulfillment, SAP offers a platform that helps processes and systems operate as a single entity. SAP Transportation Management and SAP Extended Warehouse Management are part of this platform, as shown in Figure 1.


Figure 1. Supply Chain Execution Platform from SAP


Used together, these solutions help companies deliver the best possible fulfillment experience without sacrificing accuracy or quality. Combined with our international presence and coverage of global sales and support activities, the software can help you improve your business processes.

Let’s review the new features in each application.


New features in SAP Transportation Management version 9.5

The application includes enhancements to the following functional areas:

Operations for freight forwarders and logistics service providers:

  • Air cargo security – Maintain relevant information in a single user interface as part of the forwarding order.

  • Air and ocean freight bookings through Descartes integration – Send booking requests to carriers, receive booking confirmation and cancellation notices, and transmit execution messages to carriers. Add transportation details to enhanced booking fields in outbound business-to-business messages.

  • Unit load device details for freight booking – Bundle a large quantity of cargo into a single unit or container using enhanced data fields.


  • Multiple screen display in the transportation cockpit – View the transportation cockpit in up to three windows, which you can position across multiple monitors, and resize the windows to meet user needs.

  • Flexible loading – Optimize truck load planning with a height-adjustable split deck feature, which allows users to determine different vertical beam positions in each row of the load.

  • Flexible stop duration – Support fixed and variable schedules for loading and unloading cargo at each stop using new activity types for preparing and finalizing each stop, helping you enhance scheduling precision.

  • Integrated loading checks for vehicle scheduling and routing – Improve space utilization and manage limits for package stability and positioning.

Change management and settlement:

  • Local currency support – Improve the simplicity and consistency of charge calculations and cost views using local currencies.

  • Exchange rate handling – Specify exchange rates to meet your unique requirements.

In addition, the software offers enhancements such as:

  • Improved item performance – The software supports enhanced item read access and stored item aggregates, which replaces dynamic reading of items from required document.

  • Enhanced usability through error log simplification – Critical errors that occur during server operation, table corruption, or information transmission are clustered more intuitively to support faster user comprehension and problem solving.


New features in SAP Extended Warehouse Management version 9.5

The application includes enhancements to the following functional areas:

Supply chain execution:

  • Integration with the SAP Global Batch Traceability application: Trace batches from end-to-end over multiple process steps and locations. Because SAP Enterprise Warehouse Management supports batch-related warehouse activities, it can share handling unit information with SAP Global Batch Traceability, including details such as pick from source pallet, repacking, full-pallet picking, receiving handling units from production, and consumption.

Warehouse optimization:

  • Pallet algorithm – Allow mixed and layered pallet building using various product warehouse parameters and optimize packaging material usage.

  • Stock consolidation – Free up storage by consolidating and completing partial units, reducing the effort needed for activities such as counting and replenishment. You can perform direct consolidation or consolidation at a work center.

  • Advanced labor management – Set up labor structures and standards to support advanced labor tracking, including personal and fatigue factors. Enhanced analytics and reporting features offer a real-time view of warehouse activities.

  • Core data service – Enable shift supervisors and warehouse managers to perform outbound operational analysis for warehouse activities using built-in analytics content.

  • Additional software improvements – Simplify warehouse operations with new features that enhance radio frequency-based picking and loading as well as combined picking. Other enhancements allow you to manage memory consumption issues.

Retail process optimization:

Returns processing – Streamline e-commerce returns using SAP Fiori apps for returns, which helps you complete all tasks within one app. Simplify the returns process using scanning technology and easily manage unplanned returns. You can also return goods to a different warehouse than where they originated.

  • Order picking – Support flexible picking for multiple customer orders in a single pick run with a new SAP Fiori app for pick carts. An intuitive interface helps reduce picking errors, making picking faster and more efficient while reducing user training time.

  • Delivery changes – Adjust to delivery changes or cancellations created by customer order changes or revisions to the transportation plan. The software can accommodate changes after items have been picked in the warehouse.

  • Pick cart handling – Enable streamlined picking processes with the new SAP Fiori app for pick carts.


Deployment options

You can run SAP Transportation Management and SAP Extended Warehouse Management traditionally, using core ERP systems or with SAP S/4HANA. These applications can also run in a decentralized or embedded mode. Read more about using this software with SAP S/4HANA in this blog.


Learn more about logistics solutions from SAP

By addressing supply chains holistically, our solutions help you take an end-to-end view of your supply chain and better understand the flow of materials and data. By reducing redundancies, the software enables you to realize an integrated approach to supply chain execution. We also offer additional fully integrated software to help you achieve excellence in supply chain execution. Learn more by visiting the SAP Solution Explorer site.



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