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Really enjoyed my time at Last week’s Extended supply Chain infoday  and as we highlighted our post-conference blogpost several transformative technologies are all now moving into their early implementation phases at the same time.

This represents a rare and unique opportunity for Digital supply chain designers, planners, IT resources, engineers and operators to come together to jointly understand, integrate and synergize these technologies to the betterment of their supply chains, the environment and most importantly the end customer.

The emerging technologies of which I speak are Internet of Things (IoT), Robotics, Augmented realities and last but not least Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help us make sense of all the former and ultimately take all the right actions in a timely manner.

All of these technologies need to be implemented in unison through a well thought out and co-ordinated plan. Unless this is done the geometric benefits available from true convergence will never materialize or be achieved by your Digital supply chain.

In her keynote Uma Rani TM (Global SVP AIS)  she stressed the importance of emerging technologies like ML, IoT, Blockchain etc. and how SAP ensured these innovations were utilized to the fullest to ‘Bring More to the Future’.

So ready or not, welcome to the imminent future of logistics complexity, where success will depend on understanding, mastering (or hiring people/providers who understand) all of these technologies and how they effectively fit together allowing you to build out and deliver on this critical vision of Digital logistics singularity.


Ajit Padhy
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