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You might be aware of the TM podcast. We think, it is already good, but it could be improved, of course. E.g. by making transcripts available, which would make the podcast of course way more accessible and inclusive.  And meanwhile the infrastructure is there. A nice example is e.g. here.

As a result we would have the text in sync with the audio. This looks something like this:

Example of Transcript in action

Of course, this requires a good transcript. There is a well established format for this, this looks something like this (this is the raw version as returned by automated text recognition, more funny than helpful):

Basically per timestamp and speaker the text is written down.

So far we have the separated audio tracks, sometimes also the "funny" version of the webvtt file.

And now we need you: Of course creating those transcripts in good quality is quite some work, and as our main focus is delivering software this is currently not possible from our side. But maybe there is somebody in our audience willing to help us out here?

If so, just contact us and we can see how we can proceed. Looking forward to hear from you!