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Hi, my colleagues are this week re-subscribing all of the existing tenants. You will then see, that the name IoT Application Enablement will be replaced in a lot of places with Leonardo IoT. There is only one codebase and one service serving both for upgraded IoT Application Enablement customers and customers, who have licensed Leonardo IoT. Thats the first thing worth noting.

All of your existing development and operations should continue to work as-is - if something is not working (anymore) please create a ticket on our (renamed) components starting with "IOT-BSV-". So no work should be required from you immediately.

But the good news is that thanks to the hard work of our developers you will be able to benefit from many new capabilities like:

  1. Master data objects that allow you to consider data from other business objects in ingestion rules.

  2. Editors for creating streaming and batch rules that can trigger events that can trigger actions (emails or calls to destinations in other systems)

  3. and many other improvements ...

The following caveats are known to me at this time that you should be aware of:

  1. You should be migrating your thing meta model to the new "OData" based meta model to benefit from most of the new capabilities. More details here:

  2. You might have to do some small steps to get access or to activate the new capabilities or adjust your setup to make use of them. For example you should add a new role for the business rule management to your role collection or you should recreate the destinations for the link between the Web IDE and the leonardo iot services. Please refer to the getting started section for Leonardo IoT at below help page to find those 2 steps described in detail.

  3. Our "new" documentation, does not list all of the apis anymore, that you have ben using in IoT Application Enablement. The old documentation will continue to be available at and the new one at

  4. For re-subscribed tenants it might be, that the Fiori Launchpad URL in the subscriptions section of your cloud foundry sub-account is not pointing to the new fiori launchpad but the old one and you do not see the rules or the query modeler apps. You can get to the new fiori launchpad by replacing flp-iot-sap with leonardo-iot in the URL. So instead of using for the tenant onboardtest use (make sure to remove the path at the end of the url - so remove "sites#Shell-home").

This blog is meant to let you know about the changes and to collect key feedback in the comments. Please feel free to use the questions & answers section to raise specific questions with the "iot application enablement" tag on the new capabilities - I will make sure to route them to the right developer and have him answer it right there.

Regards, Marcus Behrens
Leonardo IoT, Product Management

PS: Yes, also the "iot application enablement" tag will be renamed to Leonardo IoT in due course.