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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Today, I would like to highlight a solution that our partners HPC from Germany and trimaster from Switzerland have developed together. The UI5 Converter is a simple tool to convert your existing SAP EWM Radio Frequency User Interfaces with three parameters and one click into a ready to run UI5 App with responsive layouts.

Motivation and Scope

In the field of mobile solutions, SAP has been using the ITSmobile framework to convert simple screens into HTML pages. The ITSmobile framework connects mobile devices to a SAP system in order to run applications based on the widely used Web Dynpro programming model which is a UI technology used for SAP GUI programming since 1992. However, this outdated technology has several disadvantages:

  • The user interface is out of date and unintuitive compared to modern mobile device screens

  • Scaling to multiple device types (i.e. the use of different end devices) is not possible without additional development effort

  • The performance can sometimes lag due to the high volume of data required for the display in modern warehouses.

  • Layout and design cannot be enhanced (e.g. bigger buttons and different colors)

An example of the old ITSmobile screens

For these reasons, HPC and trimaster have developed the UI5 converter, which automatically converts your SAP standard screens for mobile applications from the outdated, device-specific layout (ITSmobile), into a modern, "responsive" UI5 design. The conversion into the new SAP Fiori design takes less than 10 minutes without any development effort. Customers will profit from significantly better performance and user experience on all end devices.


As mentioned previously, the Converter is a simple and intuitive tool to use. It converts all RF transactions from the old ITSmobile interface into the new UI5 interface with one simple click. SAPUI5 is the key UI technology behind the SAP Fiori UX Strategy and used by many stakeholders inside and outside SAP to create SAP Fiori applications. This solution does not require any proprietary components, nor any specific client software, as it all works in SAP standard.

The converter itself only makes UI changes, without changing anything in the code line. Furthermore, it leaves the ability to further enhance your RF and add mobile z-transactions. Once the changes to the RF are made, simply run the converter again and the enhancements will be reflected in the new UI.

The UI5 Converter

Key Benefits

The UI5 Converter seamlessly integrates to the SAP EWM system as a certified SAP add-on. After some simple configuration steps, the new functionality can be access via a SAP Fiori tile in the launchpad.

  • Faster work and onboarding experience

  • Enabling of functionalities and processes (e.g. use of the camera from the device) that complement SAP technology

  • Fast implementation, with little to no development effort required

  • Cost savings

  • Responsive design for multiple mobile devices

  • Direct integration of single RF transactions in the SAP Fiori launchpad

Example of the UI5 screen responsiveness

Administration can be done directly in your SAP Fiori launchpad.

The UI5 converter in Fiori Launchpad

Service Outlook

  • The solution is already available to all SAP EWM customers with EWM 9.5 and any EWM on SAP S/4HANA systems.

  • Generated UI5 screens can be enhanced with all SAP UI5 elements (e.g. maps, charts, …) and modification will be available with SAP Business Application Studio

  • New functionality like the UI5 converter for any ITsmobile screens (not only EWM) will be added in fall 2021.


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