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For the last 8 years there was a blog series, the so-called Monday Knowledge Snippet Series, hosted by one of the most inspiring colleagues I ever had the pleasure to work with. This series was a channel for him to share his knowledge not only to his team members but to all of you as well. With this blogging activities he got an important backbone in the whole Transportation Management community.

With his leave there will be a gap which needs to get closed. Years ago, his blogs inspired me to write some own but never made it to a regular basis. Now I think it’s time to step up and take over one of the leading position for distributing the possibilities for transportation planning with SAP Transportation Management.

To honor my colleagues work I wanted to give my series a name which refers to his fantastic once. And after Monday, Tuesday has to follow. There is still a lot of work to do.

For me, naming the series like that makes sense on multiple levels as for me the ‘M’ in ‘MKS’ always referred more to Marcus than to Monday…

Having said that I hope you will like my blogs and insights. For sure topics and style will change. As a starting point I added all my older blogs regarding TM topics to my series and I really hope that I will find the time do blog regularly.

Wishing Marcus all the best on his journey….


Link to Tuesday Knowlegde Snippet Series 
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