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Active Contributor

SAP Support tries to be proactive in giving resolutions out to the customer to be readily available before the need arises.

Based on some internal installation of SAP Work Manager 6.0 (released on SMP 2.3) or Work Manager 6.X (released on SMP 3.0) or Service Manager or Sales Manager the following SAP finding answers or decision tree (with SAP notes/KBAs or Information) will help users deploy and troubleshoot attach document successfully.

We partnered with most customers to attain the best solution.  Some of the solutions we have documented and presented in the SAP decision tree or finding answer program. We thank the SAP user community for being part of an active network of users who wanted to be supported properly and to share their knowledge to help benefit the SAP community as a whole.

SAP Work Manager / Service Manager / Sales Manager Attach Document decision tree (get your answer here).



Mark Pe

SAP Platinum Support Engineer