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Active Participant TM Podcast, or short TMP, is a collection of deep dives into different topics in TM. Typically 2-4 developers discuss a topic, at least one of them is the topic matter expert.

This is meant as a pocast and should be consumed as such, using a podcast player, a bit later in the post there is a link on how to find the podcast player for your usecase, the SDN postings are there only as a fallback.

So you should subsribe to TMP from your podcast client, ideally by searching for SAP TM Podcast, or by ollowing this link:

tmp | The TM Podcast . There you also find the home of the podcast and you can hear them online. On this page you also find the links to the feeds if you want e.g. the MP3 High Quality version rather than the AAC version which is the default.

Here is an alternative link to register for the feed.

Here are some alternatives on how to get the TM podcast:

You can find them by searching for the term TMP and transportation_management in SCN.

Or you can register for the podcast here for itunes.

Or by searching for SAP TM Podcast in the itunes store:

Alternatively you can enter the feed in the podcast player of your choice here, there should be a player for everybody:

On that site you can also find other alternatives to register for the podcast.

The episodes are also available in SCN, for some reasons only as zip-files.

If you would like to create your own episode, here is how it can be done.