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Well, not sure how often I read that the transportation cockpit performance is not as good as expected. And I guess for some clicks this is true, especially when big logics are running behind. But from my experience the most issues are quite easy to solve by system setup.

For sure sometimes in development we create performance bugs but usually they are easy to discover and often already solved by note.

Generally, I would recommend anyone who struggles with very bad system performance to implement the latest support package or even latest release if possible. Nevertheless, I want to provide a blog series here how you can improve your performance.

If I get more nice ideas I will add them in this post.


1 SAP TM Transportation Cockpit Performance – Selection
3 SAP TM Performance – Analyzing the Issue
4 SAP TM Optimizer - Context Determination






SAP Note 2499335 and 1765952 providing information about the Transportation Cockpit Performance.