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You can use the Quick Search to search in SAP Business Client for business documents by document number or by specific attributes. You simply enter the document number or the attribute into the type-ahead field. You no longer need to navigate to the personal object worklist (POWL) or to the user interfaces to display or edit the business document.

The Wildcard Search improves the usability of the standard Quick Search, by adding the wildcard “*“ to the search. The wildcard allows the user to replace any amount of characters with a “*“. The results can also provide multiple results that match the search.

E.g., instead of 6100000123 the user can use the wildcard to replace the zeros: 61*123.

Or the user can replace the first part of a number (e.g.: 6100012345) with the Wildcard: *12345.

The feature can be deactivated by a parameter in the service URL(for more information on the service URL refer to: 1.Blog post by Bernd Dittrich, 2.official documentation).

Parameter Meaning
&nowildcard=X You use this parameter to disable the wildcard “*” as part of the search. If this parameter is not set, the wildcard feature will be active by default.

Using the wildcard as part of Quick Search greatly reduces the time searching for business documents, by providing the user with the feature of only searching with the essential parts of e.g. a document number.

To use the Wildcard Search, implement note 2823374.