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In this post we want to bring to your attention our new consulting note 3076865, titled "Unified Package Building: Additional Application-Specific Information". This note has a document as attachment which contains information about UPB from the following perspectives:

  • A general overview of the concept and features of the UPB

  • An overview of the applications and processes which use the UPB

  • An overview of the release notes and their new features with links to the official release note

  • An overview of important notes

  • An overview of the UPB test cockpit

  • Tips on how to analyze an UPB issue

  • Information enhancement possibilities in the UPB

So if you were wondering what UPB is and how it is used by SAP applications such as TM, EWM and LO, this note is a good starting point. This is a first version, and will be updated as required (for example with new releases,  with feedback from the community or with more details where it makes sense). If you have ideas on what to include in this type of document please feel free to comment in this blog post, we are looking forward to your input.

Take care!